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Clinics &

School of Fish

Spring 2023

Grade 1

Greenwich Public Schools Honor Band and the Greenwich Alliance for Education

Holly Brown and Michael Strange, Directors



Bring It!

Fall 2022

Flex grade .5 

Parkland School District Elementary Band

Dr. Scott Watson, Elementary Instrumental Program Coordinator

Middle Schooled

Grade 1

Fall 2020

James Hart Junior High 6th Grade Band

Matthew Johnson, Director

To be released fall 2022

RWS Music Company

When I Fly

Fall 2022

Grade 1

Brandon Valley Intermediate School

Del Hubers, Director


Grade 2.5

Spring 2021

Morgan County Middle School

Karisa Seymour, Director

Mama Sea Turtle from "Water Tales: a Suite for Band

Grade 2.5

East Stroudsburg Area School District South

Rose Perkins, Director

Published in 2021 RWS Music Company

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You Will Never Know

for Chorus and Chamber Winds

Grade 2.5

Homewood Flossmoor High School

Sarah Whitlock and Stephen Sifner, Directors, 2019

Solar Winds for Concert Band

Grade 3

Commemorating Eugene Parker, namesake of the NASA Parker Solar Probe, launched August 12, 2018

Homewood Flossmoor High School

Sarah Whitlock, Director, 2018

Listen to Me

Grade 2.5

Homewood Flossmoor High School, Parker Junior High & James Hart Junior High Tri-District Festival 

Sarah Whitlock, Elana Panner, Matthew Johnson, Directors 2017

To be released Fall 2022

RWS Music Company

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